Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the studio heated?

  • The yoga room is heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity.
  • The heat provides for safer stretching as it makes your muscles more elastic and pliable.
  • The heat makes the body sweat, aiding in detoxification as excess salt, sugar, and toxins are eliminated by sweating.
  • The heat helps to increase your heart rate, providing a better cardiovascular workout.

What if I’m not flexible?

  • Don’t let this misconception prevent you from coming to class!  Yoga is not just about flexibility, and especially not Hot yoga since the series was specifically designed for beginners with no yoga experience.
  • Hot yoga is about stretching, strengthening, and healing your body.  Simply try the postures the right way, and you will receive 100% of the benefits.

Will I lose weight?

  • A Hot yoga class burns between 600 and 1,000 calories, so with dedication and proper diet, you will see remarkable changes in your body.
  • Hot yoga provides a cardiovascular workout that tones and lengthens all the muscles in the body.  With time and practice, you will lose pounds and inches.

What are the benefits of Hot yoga?

Of course, every individual’s experience will be different. The most common benefits include:

  • Increased energy
  • Weight loss and improved muscle tone
  • Better balance and flexibility
  • Enhanced cardiovascular endurance and strength
  • Medically, yoga has been proven to help individuals suffering from insomnia; depression; type II diabetes; high blood pressure; arthritis; and shoulder, knee, and back injuries
  • Decreased feelings of stress and less reactivity in stressful situations
  • Enhanced feelings of calm and well-being
  • A more positive outlook on life

What is proper yoga etiquette?

Yoga is not just gymnastics; it is a process of building awareness of and respect for ourselves and others. To that end, please:

  • Remove your shoes upon entering the studio.
  • No cell phones in the hot room.
  • No talking in the hot room.
  • Don’t wear perfume to class.
  • Stay in the room during class.
  • Refrain from drinking or moving around while other students are in a posture.
  • Leave the room quietly, being mindful that this is the only time some people have for peace, quiet, and meditation.
  • Smile and have fun!