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Hot Yoga Tysons has always and continues to keep our studio clean and sanitary and will continue to do so. Our Hot Box is probably one of the safest rooms in town. The health of our students is and has always been of the utmost importance. Though the room maintains a continuous fresh air and an intimidating consistent temperature of 105 degrees and 40% humidity, we employ top of the line technology that eliminates toxins, virus, bacteria, mold, and mildew to ensure our studio is a hygienic place. Continue to take care of yourself, hydrate, practice good hygiene and get plenty of rest. If you are exhibiting any symptoms of illness, we ask that you refrain from visiting the studio.

  • clean airRenewaire Ventilation
    Energy recovery ventilator runs 24 hours to provide fresh air circulated in the room. ERV provides the most energy-efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way to remove indoor air contaminants and enhance IAQ is through increased and balanced ventilation.
  • cleanlinessUV Light Sterilization
    Provides the "kill" for mold, odors, bacteria, viruses, and other organic compounds like the sterilization found in hospital operating rooms. In an exercise space with high temp, high-humidity, and sweat, this component is of utmost importance. This produces the "freshest"/cleanest air possible and not only cleans the air but keeps our ductwork fresh and clean.

    * Control mold and bacteria
    * Reduce colds and flus – germs are not re-circulated by HVAC system
    * Reduce smells / odors
    * Are more effective in humid climates than dry climates
  • fresh-airCarbon Dioxide CO2 Monitor
    * Maintains safe ambient air amidst a populated environment
    * Keeps Hot Yoga Room properly oxygenated
    * Improves airflow and circulation

  • fresh-airULV Fogger
    Sanitizing during the day of surfaces lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements. This process works with EPA approved liquid sanitizer to lower the risk of spreading infection.

Cleaning Protocol  We will be using virus-killing FDA approved disinfectants to sanitize. These are commercial grade.  Dust mop hard surfaces with treated dust mop/mop wall to wall. Sweep and mop and vacuum wall to wall. Sanitize all walls, light switches and doors. Clean Restroom fixtures, mirrors, door handles, counters. Sanitize all glass surfaces. Dust HVAC returns and supplies